Litigation Scam


The architect of the scam was Linda Muirhead. I produced a typed transcript describing the events that took place and gave it to her. She took my evidence, fabricated her own evidence and concocted a fictitious case which they took to trial. The revised documents were sent to the barrister that they had appointed to advise them. In their instructions to the barrister the firm advised him on how to proceed with the case and withheld crucial evidence which would have proved unequivocally that the case they were presenting was false.

They were able to successfully accomplish this because solicitors are not obliged to disclose to their client’s, details of their instructions to the barrister. This puts the client at a great disadvantage because they will have no idea that they are being defrauded at this very crucial, stage of the legal process.


If you approach another firm of solicitors for legal advice, after being ripped off by one firm, they will not assist you. If you do find one that offers to help, they will milk your case for as much as they can get, but they will not give you any legal advice. Both the firm and the SCB/SRA advised me to contact the Police to get my case investigated. This advice was untrue. The Police will not assist the public when solicitors have committed a fraud or stolen their client’s money, because they do not have any legal powers to investigate solicitors, they will advise you go back to the original judge that tried the case.


If you are unfortunate enough to get ripped off by a solicitor, you will not get your money back. You are basically on your own. You will not get any help within the British Legal system. You will have no choice but to walk away whilst your solicitor’s firm enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

When you carry out your research, you will realise that the British Legal System was designed to rip the public off and that you are not alone in your quest for justice which will never come.