Herne Hill, London SE24 9HX
    Period: November 1985 – February 1986
    Legal Work: Conveyancing

Robert Thompson [Senior Partner]
Robert Thompson assisted Rodney in carrying out the conveyancing on my home. He liaised with the Building Society to redeem the mortgage and agreed the contract of sale. The contract stipulated that the deposit should be paid to the vendor’s solicitors which were Robert Thompson and Partners under the Ref: LDK/HR which was Mr Thompson’s reference.

Attorney at Law:
Hubert Rodney was an attorney at law and was not licenced to carry out conveyancing in this country, he utilised the services of Mr Thompson to carry out the conveyancing.
Rodney in breach of the contract of sale paid the entire proceeds of sale £18,058.82 from my property into his a bank account at Barclays Bank in Croydon. The money was then used to purchase a property.

Over a period of years Rodney re-mortgaged the property and set up several business accounts and purchased a number of other properties for himself including a detached house in Taunton Somerset for him and his family.

When I became aware that Rodney had re-mortgaged the property and taken out most of the equity I instructed Anthony Gold, Lerman&Muirhead Solicitors.

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London Bridge,
SE1 2TQ.
Period: 1987 – 1990
Solicitor: Linda Muirhead
Solicitor: David Marshall

Legal Work: Litigation – To recover proceeds of sale from my home.
On 21 September 1987 I visited Linda Muirhead at the firm’s office in, Streatham Hill, South London. I explained how Rodney had ripped me off and had used my money to set himself up in the property business. LM asked me to produce proof of evidence. I produced proof of evidence dated: 21 September, 25 September and 2nd October.

LM transferred the case to her colleague David Marshall at their London Bridge office. DM qualified as a solicitor in September 1987 and was the responsible solicitor throughout the entire case.

I met with DM on 30 September and explicitly gave him my instructions:

  • Force the sale of all Rodney’s properties, ASAP in order for me to recover my money.
  • Obtain an injunction against Rodney to stop him from disposing of all his assets and absconding.

LM produced her own version of my evidence dated 21 September. This was an internal document that was passed to DM. I did not see this document and did not become aware of it until after the trial in 1995 when the High Court Judge made references to all the documents that had persuaded him that there were a partnership dispute.

I discovered that LM had made alterations and additions to my proof of evidence dated 21 September. The alterations contained details of a partnership dispute. The document was passed to DM who passed it on to Peter Arden [my barrister] on 28 September 1987. The document was headed “Instructions to Council to Advise in Conference on Monday 28 September.

The contents of the document produced by LM was used strategically to make up all the documents sent to council and subsequently was used to make up the Affidavits.

The documents were used to influence the barrister to plead the case the case as partnership dispute.

My instructions to the firm was dropped at this point and the firm concentrated on taking the case to trial in order to get the judge to declare that there were a partnership dispute.

AGLM took the case to trial which took place between: 3rd – 7th December 1990. In a letter written by DM dated 18 December 1990 he wrote “The trial of the partnership action has now been concluded”

The firm charged me £31,000 for their services. The legal action they took was completely useless and did not contribute in any way to furthering my cause.

The property remained unsold:

My losses at this point was:
£18,000 proceeds of sale from my home stolen by Rodney
£31,000 completely useless legal action taken by AGLM.

I was back to square one, but it was now 1990 instead of 1987.

I took the firm to court for negligence because although I suspected fraud I could not prove it at the time. I did not discover how they had managed to justify pleading the case as a partnership dispute until 1990 after the High Court Judgment.

I won the case against them for negligence but was only offered £10 as nominal damages.

I appealed against the judgement in 1995 but the case was thrown out of court, because I had not pleaded fraud in the original action.

The firm had previously offered me £15,000 which I rejected. Because I was offered less in damages than the firm had offered me in compensation, by default I was liable for the full cost of the appeal which amounted to £90,000.

I was forced to pay the firm another £30,000 which was all I could raise or they would have taken my house away and sold it to recover the money.

Wanstead, E11 2AA
March 1993 January 994
Legal Work: Legal opinion on case against AGLM.

Solicitor: A S Blatt
I approached Murdochs Solicitors in 1993. Mr Blatt examined the documents but did not get back to me until 25 January 1994. His comments were “You will recall that before Christmas you had made arrangements to come and collect your papers and did indeed do so.”

Portsmouth PO2 9DN
August 1999 November 1999
Legal Work: Legal opinion on case against AGLM.

Solicitor: Chris Gates
I delivered my documents to Mr Gates who eventually wrote: “I will not be in a position to review the papers forwarded to me and take a view on whether I am able to act for you, giving other pressing commitments”.

SAMUEL& Co. Solicitors.
London NW5 4HT
Solicitor: Richard Samuel
Period: November 1999 –February 2002
Legal work: Opinion on merits of case against AGLM.

Richard Samuel was recommended to me by Ashley Irons of Reid Minty Solicitors, London W1X 9HZ, because he did Legal Aid work and I was hoping to get Legal Aid to assist me in financing the case.

Mr Samuel was the only solicitor prepared to look at my documents; he did not give me a legal opinion on my case, but he assisted me in negotiating the £30,000 settlement with AGLM’s insurers.

He charged me £6,688.31.