Herne Hill, London SE24 9HX
Period: November 1985 – February 1986
Legal Work: Conveyancing

Robert Thompson [Senior Partner]

Robert Thompson assisted Rodney in carrying out the conveyancing on my home. He liaised with the Building Society to redeem the mortgage and agreed the contract of sale. The contract stipulated that the deposit should be paid to the vendor’s solicitors which were Robert Thompson and Partners under the Ref: LDK/HR which was Mr Thompson’s reference.

Attorney at Law:

Hubert Rodney was an attorney at law and was not licenced to carry out conveyancing in this country, he utilised the services of Mr Thompson to carry out the conveyancing.

Rodney in breach of the contract of sale paid the entire proceeds of sale £18,058.82 from my home into a bank account at Barclays Bank in Croydon. The money was then used to purchase a property.

Over a period of years Rodney re-mortgaged the property and set up several business accounts and purchased a number of other properties for himself including a detached house in Taunton Somerset for him and his family.

When I became aware that Rodney had re-mortgaged the property and taken out most of the equity I instructed Anthony Gold, Lerman&Muirhead Solicitors.