On 3rd November 1998 the OSS wrote to me and said “If you suspect that your solicitors are guilty of a criminal offence you should report them to the police who are the appropriate body to investigate complaints of that nature.

On 27 November 1998 I wrote to Streatham police station giving them details of the Fraud that AnthonyGoldLerman & MuirheadSolicitors had committed against me. DCI Adrian Maybanks replied saying “I assure you that a thorough investigation will be conducted”.

On 11 December 1998 DS Moray Laing wrote to me and said “I can confirm that at this stage police will not investigate the allegations because of the hearing at the Court of Appeal 10 March 1998. “As I discussed with you, if anything there may be evidence of perjury but I am not in a position to make a proper assessment of the evidence and proving such offences is extremely difficult particularly in view of the apparent negligent actions of the firm that we discussed. If appropriate this could be referred to the CPS at a later date after the appeal hearing. I have fully recorded details of the allegations on a crime report CRIS 1399499/98C. This has been passed to Charing Cross Division who cover the royal Courts of Justice and would ultimately be responsible for investigating allegations of offences committed at the courts situated therein.”

On 19 March 1999 I wrote to the Superintendent at Charing Cross Police station and said “My Civil Appeal Ref: QBENF 97/1595 CMS1 has now been completed. I was not allowed to include a charge for Fraud/Perjury because this was not part of the original trial.

I explained to the officer that I had evidence that Linda Muirhead and David Marshall had fabricated evidence and used it against me in a High Court action in December 1990. Case Ref: CH.1987 B No. 6503.

I got a reply from DS Wood at Charing Cross Police station 21 April 1999:

“We are awaiting an update of policy in respect to matters that are reported to the Police in consequence of a Court case at the Royal Courts of Justice. The Lord Chief Justice has made matters clear and the only time that Police will commence investigation into such allegations is when the Trial Judge request them to do so and orders the papers to be passed to the Criminal Prosecuting authority, this case does not fall into that category, therefore our advice to you would be to return to the trial judge and if he is of the opinion that there is evidence that influenced his judgement he may then consider referral.

I have recently been informed by Norma Ferrie another victim of Solicitors Fraud that the Police and the Law Society now have a special agreement called the Memorandum of Understanding which dictates how the police deal with the public when they reports a Fraud or any other crime to the police.

See report by Norma Ferrie under VICTIMS.