Norma Ferrie

In setting up my campaign I want to expose the Catastrophic Damage that corrupt solicitors can bring to bear on unsuspecting members of the public, who have zero hope of recovering their losses, with no protection, and leaving victims unable to recover mentally, and financially. The level of abuses of trust is a burden that the victims are left to carry, as well as the burden of the solicitor’s crimes, whilst they go on to prosper, their victims are often left traumatised.

I am doing this for the many thousands of victims out there who are suffering as a result of an agreement between the Law Society and The Association of Police Officers, this is nothing more than get out clause in facing due process of the law for corrupt solicitors, this must change in order to protect the Public.

The government must Act to protect the public, and restore the right of the public to fair and proper process of the criminal justice system, for the past 11 years I have been battling to bring the criminals who stole my house to Justice. I did not think, back 11 years ago, that I would still be battling all these years later. The reason that Justice has eluded me for all these years is down to corruption, and an agreement between the Law Society and the ASSOCIATION OF POLICE OFFICERS, it’s called a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING – [MOU]” these are two private entities who have decided how the public are dealt with when reporting a solicitor for fraud or any other crime to the police.

The general public do not know this document exits. Here’s how it works, say for example (this has actually happened to victims) you discover you’ve been defrauded by a solicitor, this could be unauthorised accesses to your bank account, then a large proportion, or all of your money is taken what do you do? So you inform your Bank, they tell you, “you have to take it up with the solicitor” or ” if you believe it is fraud contact the police” the bank does nothing. You take a complaint to the Law Society, knowing what I know now; there was as much chance of landing a balloon on the moon than the law society holding a corrupt solicitor to account. So you report it to the Police, what you expect to happen is to make a formal complaint by way of a statement, and include the evidence that shows the solicitor acted criminally.

What actually happens is the police make a phone call to the law society you have no idea that this is their agreed protocol that they have with the law society, the outcome is: no statement taken, no evidence taken, you are declared not a victim of crime, yet you are. You are completely on your own, ill and financially ruined through no fault of your own. The government took away the protection that all consumers of goods and services were protected under Trading Standards for consumers of legal services, the only organisation that had the power to help support the victims and if necessary report any criminal activity to the police. The Law Society now had the power to deal with consumers of legal services in whatever way they wished, that would invariably be to “protect corrupt and negligent solicitors from facing due process under the rule of Law”. Even if you go the citizen’s advice, they can’t help, they are also regulated by the law society, they too must report to the law society not the police, again the law society has control, the law centre is another regulated by the law society, leaving no independent body for the victim to seek help, support, and redress.

The legal ombudsman does not have the power to initiate a criminal investigation, the Law Society controls what is released to the ombudsman, even if there are recommendations made by the LO it is not binding upon on the Law society, they do not have to accept or implement anything that may give rise to a fairer process for victims of corrupt solicitors, in my particular case I have evidence that the case worker at the law society is corrupt. All this corruption is a necessity in their drive to prevent fair process of the law for the public.

The MOU is a license that allows catastrophic abuse of trust. There is no point going to get advice from another solicitor. All of them will take you in hook line and sinker, they’ll take your money and at the end of it you will be financially worse off, and cheated yet again, because one solicitor cannot prosecute another solicitor but you are not informed of this at any time. The Law Society will not allow a solicitor to be held to account, particularly by members of the public, you are now not only a victim of crime, you are now an enemy, and up against a hugely powerful organisation the LS together with the police, who align themselves with the law society in the prevention of upholding the law, which is directly and illegally against the safety of the public in the protection, prevention and prosecution of crime

Government must in the public interest address this inequality and discrimination of victims of crime. The only possible and appropriate action that can be taken, can only be delivered by the police a public service who are now unlawfully under the control and scrutiny of the Law Society who call the shots on what action the police can take against crimes committed by their members. The victims, the loss and damage are ruthlessly ignored.

The memorandum of understanding is set up by two “private organisations”. It is designed to share intelligence between the police and the law society in the event of criminal or negligent conduct committed by solicitors. These two organisations are not answerable to the public, who put them in charge of the criminal justice system. I am not asking Government to interfere with a private industry, I am asking Government to stop a private industry and prevent a private industry using a public service to infringe and cause a violation of the public right to the “protection of Life and Property, by using the police to enforce the Law Society’s procedures on the public in order to interfere with the process in crime and justice and equality in the access to justice.

Government must end the close associating that the Law Society has with the police it is the most destructive conflict of interest in crime and justice, which discriminates against the public in the interest of protecting solicitors who have committed crimes.

On reporting a crime to the police in relation to solicitors, the police’s duty is for them to first act in the interest of the Law Society and report it to the LS. The police are obliged to follow this procedure under the MOU agreement. This means that a victim of crime is treated appallingly by the police. The law society in turn by way of their codes of Practice are obligated first and foremost to act in the interests their members, this means their duty to the solicitor is paramount over everything or anything else including the victim.

Being that the Police and the Law society all act in the interest of the Law society. I want the Government to answer who is acting in the interest of the public, the consumer, the victim of crime? How can two private entities the LS and there APCO decide who gets access to the criminal justice process? Why is this being allowed to happen? Because no one has challenged it, these agreements are made in confidence, behind the scenes between the two parties no government or public consultation has been sought in the drawing up of a document that is seriously damaging to the public in matters of crime and Justice. The fact that this agreement is in place gives license to corruption, it allows solicitors to act with impunity in the theft of clients’ money, property and or their asset because they know they will get away with it, they know they will be (unlawfully) protected from facing criminal proceedings by the law society and the Police. How does such agreement comply with the Police (Conduct) Regulations 2004 – Code of Conduct listed at the back in the Schedule which notes that “it is of paramount importance that the public has faith in the honesty and integrity of police officers? Officers should therefore be open and truthful in their dealings; avoid being improperly beholden to any person or institution; and discharge their duties with integrity”.

“The police must go were ever an investigation leads “without fear or favour” the MOU is a vindication of the Police Authorities “Favour to the Law Society a private limited company” The MOU agreement is in direct conflict with the police forces regulations and conduct in investigating crime, and the protection of the public. They can only act in the interest of the law society, they are beholding to an institution that protects corrupt solicitors.

The police favour the law society over the victim by means of the law society’s agreement with the ACPO. The Police are beholding to this institution, by conduct, and contract. This document must be completely revoked on the grounds that it is fundamentally and legally flawed. There is no mention in the MOU of the provision in Law for the Crimes of Fraud, that is, it is missing the legal context The Fraud Act 2006 which is punishable under the criminal justice procedures prescribed by law. The provision set out in the MOU clearly omits the Fraud as being a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006, this means to actually state that Fraud is a criminal offence and is subject to criminal proceedings. It does not warn that Fraud is criminal offence.

The law society and the ACPO have drawn up a memorandum in the event of crime of fraud, and failed to include that Fraud is a crime. So what we the public are subjected to is not a procedure under the criminal justice system, but a downgraded law society’s aspect of the Definition of Fraud as a crime, but merely to be dealt with as procedural Law Society process, that is to further damage the victim by protecting the offenders.

The MOU is nothing more than a “voluntary civil contract” that does not comply with criminal procedures. This means that the law society has placed their members and the victims outside the law prescribed and set down by parliament, it means no fair and proper process of justice under the criminal justice act can be initiated. The Law Society are given license to directly dismantle the public rights to the protection of life and property. This means that members of the public who become victims of crimes at the hands of a solicitor are dealt with in accordance with the law society’s duty to their members, and not in accordance with the law prescribed and set down by Parliament.

The law society is breaching mine and the public’s human rights in matters of crime and Justice, and using the police service to do this. This is truly going beyond the pale of deceptive self-interest only serving the Law Society and not Justice.

The public are brought out of the mainstream of the law, and social justice into the law society’s all powerful system of corruption. Making upholding the rule of law an impossibility which only benefits the law society and its offending members, denying the victim fairer and proper process of the Law, it obstructs justice. This is surely outrageous! Why is an agreement necessary to give solicitors preferential treatment, the law is sufficient to deal with crime. Are the police to treat solicitors who commit crime with kid gloves? Because that’s the reality, solicitors are no different to any other member of the public under the law?

Government must be robust in their actions to insure that no one evades the Law that governs us all. The law Society is a monopoly. I believe that there is a case to answer before the monopolies commission, for law society’s “over reaching of its powers in having an unfair advantaged to disadvantage members of the public, which causes immense damage to the public in the interest of their own industry and or their members” the MOU gives the law society that unlawful power, not only over the public, but over the criminal justice system.

Since investigating my own case I discovered a network of corruption, individuals that were corruptible were needed to steal my house, those included from the Bank, Land Registry, and the police. all these bodies operate from a position of trust, something that Government must as a matter of urgency draw up clear boundaries to prevent corrupt solicitors corrupting the entire system that the public rely on and trust I have made several attempts to have the perpetrators held to account, I have reported it to the police at least half a dozen times, the police have discriminated against me, insulted me, disrespected me, humiliated me in my own home, lied to me.Not one police DC came to my premises on official police business they did not produce their warrant cards and even threatened me on a number of occasions even though they know that I am vulnerable, this is how a victim of crime committed by a solicitor is treated, this is wholly unacceptable.

Like many other victims I have a solid criminal case, the police and the perpetrators have combined forces to ensure that case will not see the light of day, and by doing so unlawfully deny fair and proper process of Justice. In my particular case a chief superintendent has an undeclared association with some if not all the perpetrators who stole my property, he also has an undeclared association with the land were my property is, the surrounding land is going to undertake a 100 million pound development. This is how far and how integrated the corruption is, that those in Public Office risk their reputation and careers in order to keep the status quo in protecting corrupt solicitors and individuals who conspired with them to commit crime.

He has been overseeing my crime reports and making decision that there is no crime, pretending to investigate, it has now emerged in my most recent correspondence, that the police are now still trying to down grade the crimes to a civil matter, which protects the perpetrators from facing due process under the Fraud Act 2006, even the fact that I am a victim of John David Cort convicted solicitor for murder in 2010. Only when he committed murder his criminal empire of Fraud was exposed victims have reported him to both the LS and the police for years, they were treated as I am being treated now. It seems the police have made an exception in my particular case not to prosecute those that acted with this individual whose Frauds were prolific in conveyancing, property fraud, and mortgage fraud, etc. the list goes on and on, but kept from the public, Is it to be a fact that a solicitor has to commit murder before their crimes of fraud are unearthed?

The fact that I have sourced evidence that JD Cort had unauthorised access to mine and my late partner mortgage account. He together with others redeemed our mortgage whilst we were living in our house, he used our identity, we had no idea that this had happened, this led to discovering corruption at our bank who conspired with JD Cort and two other solicitors in a planned fraud to take our property, that led to individuals in Land Registry who accommodated the Fraud, there are myriads of forge documents that have been used by the perpetrators, my case is hugely criminalised as a result of JD Cort’sinvolvement yet it seems to be that the police are saying he made an exception in my case, out of all his victims, I have not had the respect and action that has been provided to other victims why? I cannot put every aspect of my case here, but what I can show is that the perpetrators perverted the course of Justice, committed extreme relentless harassment and intimidation, breaches under the Data protection act, including unauthorised access to our medical records, this was to show us how powerful they were, and how they could get away with anything without repercussions, they violated us, over and over again, there are offences under telecommunication act (phone tapping) all with the assistants of the Police.

No less than 3 Solicitor with the same agenda had unauthorised access to our mortgage account, and they are still prospering as a solicitor. There are so many crimes that were committed against us, to detail them all would make your head spin, and wonder how have they manage get away with these crimes, that is a question the police must answer? I know how they got away with it, the perpetrators know how they got away with it, the police know and the law society also know.

But the law makes no provision for solicitors to be exempt from the same laws that govern us all? the law society has invented a provision to ensure the rule of law is not adhered to in order to protect corrupt solicitors, this type of conduct does not reduce corrupt solicitors, it is self-perpetuating in creating more corrupt solicitors, putting the public in clear and present danger of damage and loss. The protection for members of the public against criminality of solicitors is non-existent, something the government must urgently address in the public interest. the more Fraud they commit the more powerful they feel, they see themselves as the untouchables, they get more and more daring, that’s why JD CORT committed murder he had the arrogance to believe he would get away with it, How can a corrupt police officer investigate a corrupt solicitor? Which is my current situation? The MOU is all about the solicitor’s codes of practice, the police codes of practice are not mentioned. What has the solicitor’s codes of practice to do with crime, the police are not there to investigate codes of practice, the police deal with crime and evidence of crime.

The investigation in to my particular case must also include solicitors failure to provide terms of service contracts to us, this is a criminal offence, why have the police and the law society turned a blind eye to these crimes committed by two separate law firms who acted in connection with my property, so this means we were not protected in any form, legal or otherwise, we were not covered by the solicitors indemnity insurance this was a deliberate act committed in the process of Fraud I have never been allowed to make a formal statement, to the police I have never been allowed to present my documentary evidence, given the damage caused to us which was significantly severe, the police have not recorded any evidence, or medical reports, I have been on medication for many years as a result of crime, and the inaction by police, the damage caused me to suffer severe depression and PTSD, I had to undergo 4 yrs.’ of psychotherapy this put an end to my plans to go to college, I had to claim benefit, which caused me immense suffering as a result of benefit reforms, these crimes impacted on my social life, and my private life.

I am asking that the ministry of justice take action to remove the MOU between the Law Society and the APCO as it is an impingement on social Justice and the Rule of Law it is an obstruction of Justice, what makes the crimes committed against us particularly despicable, and ruthless is that we were hounded from our home to satisfy a corrupt cut throat business deal to get a corrupt investment in a land development deal, we were, to all sense and purposes held to ransom by our former corrupt solicitor who conspired with JD Cort and a network of sophisticated Fraudsters because we had a right of way with our property, a common right of way, and they wanted it, they did this to us whilst my partner was suffering from terminal cancer, then made homeless. I am asking that all victims have a full, transparent, and independent criminal investigation by a Fraud economic crimes unit.

I hope you will support me in making this happen. I am asking that Government put legally binding protection in place for members of the public consumers of legal services.

The Law Society is nothing to do with the public, they are not answerable to the public the public are not answerable to them. So why have they been allowed to dictate to the public, why have they been allowed to interfere with the public’s right to the protection of life and property? when these crimes are reported a member of the Law society meets with the police the victim is not invited, the victim does not even know that this takes place, it is then agreed what action is to be taken, the victim is not privy to the conversation it is done in secret. THE outcome of that is the law society takes over, and the offender is protected, what kind of system is this? I have not signed an agreement of consent for the police to release my data to the law society this is a clear breach of confidentiality when dealing with a victim’s private complaint.

The police provided all my details to the law society prior to any investigation or formal complaint by way of a statement and presenting proof of crimes. The police surely’, gather all the evidence that the victim has, to establish first that there is a criminal offence and then approach the accused?

The Law Society should not be allowed to interfere with the public’s report to the police this must end. The police, Government, and those in public office are answerable to the public. I ask for a public inquiry into the reasons why victims of crimes committed by corrupt solicitors are not dealt with by the laws set down by parliament. Why is the Rule of Law not being upheld or implemented for the protection of the public.? This Is Not Just Important It is Imperative. From Human Rights: – Perspective of Crime and Justice, Equal Rights Discrimination. The Right to the Protection of Life and Property. The Right to a fair Trial. The Rule of Law. Access to Justice.

Social care these are the principles that are the provider of Social Justice, it’s what I would think of as natural Justice, all these structures are in place and most of us don’t even notice, but they are all vital to our everyday lives. This mix of Principles, Law, Protection and care is a Freedom we hardly even notice they are there, that’s what freedom is, it’s only when you come to an institution or a right that’s purpose is to deliver the protection and or care that they are to deliver when you have no option but to place your trust that you will be protected as the law prescribes. In crime and Justice, a police force is tasked with protecting the public in matters of crime, to up hold the Rule of law, who have a Duty of Care to the victims of crimes, and will pursue every avenue open to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of serious crimes.

The right to be cared for by health and Social Care protected by laws that protect the public from perpetrators that will exploit and abuse those who are entrusted to protect and care for the vulnerable and you are vulnerable when you need to seek the advice of a solicitor, a situation has brought you to seek legal help, you have to trust they will not abuse or exploit you. Abuse of any vulnerable person is a criminal offence, it then becomes a matter of crime and Justice, the police again will hold up the rule of law and prosecute the offenders and Justice will deliver the punishment that the law prescribes for each crime.

When we hear abuse we think, child, domestic, or animal all punishable under the criminal justice system. Abuse is the most destructive crime that can ever be inflicted. So before you make up your mind whether or not you want to support my campaign, you must first understand the Damage Abuse Causes. Victims carry the burden of Abuse as well as the Burden of the crimes committed against them, these are burdens that the perpetrators must carry not the victim. So many lives have been destroyed as a result of in some cases serious extreme abuse, they fall into alcohol or substance abuse, to cope with the emotional and physiological torment, they have difficulty or unable to sustain a relationship, some fall in to crime or just drop out of society all together. Some fall in to a life of crime, ending up being criminalised in a never ending cycle of self-destruct.

The anxiety the panic attacks the flash backs, the depression, the insomnia, the low self-esteem. Let me tell you what abuse does it fractures your sense of self you can never be the same person you were before the damage caused by serious criminal abuses and exploitation. The only way that a victim can begin to recover and find closure is for the perpetrator to be held to account for their abusive destructive crimes, there is always the tragedy when justice never comes or comes too late the meds don’t work and they commit suicide.

These victims do not get to live the lives they are meant to, as to further damage the victim for some reason or another the perpetrator does not face justice when it is absolutely possible that they can this is the damage called torment, that is the cruelest and most unbearable injury caused when the victim is forced to endure seeing the offender prosper in life wearing a false persona, constantly reminded of the power they have over their victims, and the power to get away with the crimes. Power is control over the victim, the perpetrators will use whatever tools of their trade to overpower their victim for their own gratification, carried out sometimes brutally and they do it with glee without conscience, psychotically planned and inflicted on their target for abuse. I believe that every single person from every walk of life would agree given the damage it causes. Abuse is a serious crime and therefore deserves the full weight of the law to fall on those who abuse trust, office, position, or status to commit crime upon an innocent vulnerable individual/s

No one, but no one would even consider protecting such a heinous Abuser? The abuse carried out by Corrupt Solicitors Causes the same destructive damage, and is carried out by using the same ruthless psychopathy of every like-minded Abuser, whatever their goal is. What angers me the most, and I find the most incredulous is those that protect such abusers who set out with the intentions of inflicting so much pain, suffering, and torment on an innocent vulnerable human being. Only those that are like minded would protect such vile individuals. Authorities’ inaction can only result in being complicit in the abuses, then there is the cover up, the corruption, those whose greed leads to bribery, this is the black market entity of the abuses carried out by corrupt solicitors, these are the people and institutions that allow corrupt solicitors to thrive, and multiply.

For the Victim it is David and Goliath except David does not have his rock or sling. The sling is no use without the rock. This is my analogy of how it feels to have the only thing you have to protect yourself taken away, “the right to the protection of life and property”. What is hidden behind the abuses of a corrupt solicitor is that all rights and protections that you now come to rely on for protection and justice are violated.

My case is every institution that I and the public place our trust in matters of crime and justice were all part of the Corrupt Solicitors Network. This was terrifying for us, we had been captured by a fraud ring, it meant there was no were to turn for help, no one to stop the abuses, there were opportunities missed by both the LS and the Police that would certainly have prevented our suffering and loss.
There was absolutely no one who even attempted to help us, even though there were opportunities to do so.

We became non persons we had absolutely no rights as a member of the public, we were not subject to the laws of “the protection of life and property” you don’t know what discrimination is until you have experienced having no rights of protection.

We were captured by the most ruthless and brutal Fraud Ring it was literally terrifying. We had years of the most intrusive harassment that was planned and executed to have maximum impact on our health, and it certainly did that, it was the only major contributory factor in the failure of our health, and mental health, it was deliberate.

My late Partner did not survive, despite warnings to the Corrupt Solicitors that her health was so dangerously affected, the sheer physiological torture and trauma the crimes caused couldn’t have had a worse affect she went on to developed terminal cancer, even this had no bearing on the perpetrator’s continued persecution, and planned Fraud.

This demonstrates that these individuals who use their license to practice, their position as an officer to the court, not to abuse his/her position, how can an abuser abuse his position? He/she uses their license to practice law for the purpose of committing crime. I know that there must be some amazing caring diligent honest ethical solicitors out there, it’s just been my misfortune, (which isn’t a strong word), to meet one. If you are this solicitor I would ask you and all liked minded solicitors to put pressure on your regulators to root out these individuals who damage the public, and the reputation of the legal industry.

My only regret is that they targeted us when I was ill, I was suffering from an extreme form of thyroid disease which became life threatening, I like to think we would have at least stood a chance had I not been so ill, but it wasn’t to be. We were targeted from the day we moved to the property that was stolen from us, as I looked into my case it emerged that targeting vulnerable people had become a method employed by our neighbor’s to cause as much misery as possible to prevent them from exercising their legally binding property rights that dated back to 1898 with four small semi-detached cottages built in 1898 passed down by the same family and bound by a covenant that runs with the land and the common right of way, that run the length of our property, at the end there was a large bungalow, with a double garage and a large lawned garden that met at the rear of our property it was surrounded with large trees.

That house was built in 1962 and my research shows that they did not own the land, but acted as though they did including the right of way. How they got planning permission to build there in the first place could only have been gotten by surreptitious means, according to documents. These neighbours commandeered a common right of way, for their own “exclusive use and purpose.” They stamped their dominance from the day we moved in, that’s why I believe they knew all about us from the day we moved there, they knew all that they needed to know, particularly our weaknesses, like health issues, one of the perpetrators (the neighbour) worked as a deputy IT Manager with our local NHS Trust as I mentioned in my campaign the perpetrators accessed our medical records, this was at a time when their harassment and the lack of protection from the police caused our health to crash.

It all began when we attempted to exercise our rights to carry out much need repairs and improvements to our property what happened after that beggar’s belief. I don’t care about the house they defrauded from us, this isn’t about that. It’s the other crimes the deliberate damage they caused to our health, our lives, our families our friends who had to witness all this destruction, the corruption the cover ups, it was the lie that kept on growing. It took away our last years of life together, a life that we were entitled to be happy to live our life in peace.
We loved life, we were caring, generous, loving and humorous people always smiling loving the company of friends and family, barbeques, we were never short of invites to social events, when we walked into a party we would brighten it up, but that was because seeing them looking back at us happy gave us a glow. We also loved the peace and tranquility of a garden. Instead our family and friends could do nothing to help us; we became shadows of our former selves.

No one deserves, or should be forced to go through the harrowing experience that we went through, it must not be allowed to happen to anyone else, that’s why this is about the system that the government have abandon victims like us too. I want to make it clear this is not about an individual case; this is something that politicians use a get out of a quote “I cannot comment on an individual case.” This is about the system that caused the intuitions that betrayed their positions of trust when they had a code of ethics and a duty to act in the prevention and protection from crime, and must answer why have they failed the public? Justice for victims of crime can only be accessed through our police authorities, when those authorities fail to act in the prevention and protection from crime committed by corrupt solicitors, bearing in mind that it is the crime that is prosecuted and therefor it makes no difference in the eyes of the law under what circumstances the crime was committed, whether that be in the course of one’s duty, either public or civil, nor does it make any difference what position or status you hold, we are all equal under the eyes of the Law.

This is where the discrimination of victims crimes comes crashing down on the victim forced to endure no basic right to access justice which always begins with a crime report, victims of these crimes are not treated as victims of crime at all, because as things stand as my case can illustrate beyond doubt, crime committed by solicitors are not equal under the eyes of the law many victims can testify to that, that can only have the effect that the victim is also not being treated equally in the eyes of the law.

The laws set down by parliament are deliberately made inaccessible to the victim of crime when the police refuse to discharge their duty in upholding the rule of law, when the police do not act on crime as the law prescribes, it violates every right and law that the victim is entitled to rely for protection and justice, it condemns the victim to a life of suffering in the interest of protecting the perpetrator, together with the organisation. The Law Society who are in a position take appropriate action once the misconduct is reported to them, instead takes the position to protect them, and allows solicitors who should be prosecuted and struck off to continue plying their trade in corruption. Corrupt solicitors combined with corrupt or inept police forces are a danger to the public.

When an investigation into crime begins it gives police forces new intelligence, it allows them to put protection in place when they discover new and sophisticated complex crimes, organisations, trusts, and institutions learn lessons that will lead to implementing better protection of the public, unless the damaged that is caused is exposed the public will remain at risk of loss and harm.

Nothing is being learned to protect the public, if crime is not investigated and prosecuted. There is NO protection or passage to Justice for victims of solicitors that must urgently change, we have to start somewhere, my own case will show just how much power and control corrupt solicitors can have over a person’s life, and change the course of their lives.

Forever corrupt solicitors combined with corrupt or inept police forces are a clear and present danger to the public.

I am Living proof of that.

Yours Sincerely
Norma Ferrie

Victim of corrupt Solicitors but survived to tell the tale.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Ministry of justice
    The Rt Hon Mike Penning MP
  • Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead
    Rt Hon Theresa May MP
  • Competition and markets Authority
    David Currie Chairman