About Us

Solicitors are very unique in that they have knowledge that the layman cannot understand. Most of us will only use their service when we are desperate and have no other option. We have to pay anything from about £250 per hour for their service.

Unfortunately if they are dishonest and decide to rip us off, none of the bodies set up to regulate them will help. They only have the power to deal with poor service. You will be advised to go to the police knowing that the police have no powers to help you.

Even if you had the money to take them to court it is highly unlikely you will find another solicitor to represent you. They will be happy to take your money but they will not help you.
You are basically left on your own, forced to take legal action as a litigant in person.

You might win your case against them but still lose if you get a judge who is biased towards the solicitors.

I have been trying to get justice against solicitors for nearly thirty years without any success.

I suffered in silence, being played like a ping pong ball, simply because I did not understand the system.

I hope you can learn something from the contents of this website. I would not like another individual to have to suffer the way my family and I have suffered, simply because I instructed a firm of solicitors thinking they were honest.